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Sub Structure


Our Sub-Structure includes:

  • Setting out levels
  • Reduce dig
  • Foundation dig
  • Foundation Concrete
  • Sub Structure Blockwork
  • Drainage & Services Clear of building footprint
  • Over site slab/Ground bearing/Suspended /block & beam
Sub-Structure Blockwork Guildford
Sub-Structure Blockwork Guildford


York Stone Guildford


Reconstituted Stone Guildford

Ground Bearing
Oversite Slab -
Suspended Slab

Helical Piles And Suspended Slabs Guildford

Block & Beam

Block & Beam Flooring Guildford


Ground Bearing Oversite Slab Guildford


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About the system:

  • Designed by Structural Engineers
  • Made in the UK
  • Unique patented design
  • Achieves U-values of 0.02 W/m2K
  • Combined floor, beam & pile solution
  • Installed on a Shire Pile as standard
The modular system is based on helical screw piles, which support lightweight, part-recycled plastic ground beams connected via a series of push-fit joints to form a frame. The ground beam is then filled with a specially formulated non-shrink grout to give a high strength composite beam. The frame carries the load of the building through the piles to suitable bearing strata, uniquely removing the need for mass concrete foundations. It is then fitted with a premanufactured damp proof floor slab onto which the inner wall of the conservatory or extension is built.
Service Ducting Guildford
Oversite Fill Guildford

QuickBase is particularly cost effective when working in confined spaces, where soil conditions would usually require deep excavation, where limited parking restricts the ability to remove the spoil associated with deep excavation and where trees are near the built site.

The QuickBase system doesn’t require wet trade finishing, so labour costs are cheaper and build time is faster. The foundations can be quickly installed rapidly with up to 15m2 installed in a day. Unlike traditional foundations, QuickBase is ideal for less than perfect ground. The piles are generally driven to 4m depth (deeper if required), guaranteeing suitable load-bearing strata, and avoiding troublesome tree roots.

QuickBase is fully compliant with Building Regulations and designed to meet Local Building Control standards. Our Engineers work in partnership with both Local Authority and Private Building Control to ensure all requirements are met.

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